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Magneno had a brief description at the home page and I suggest checking it out. But here is the entire thing. Magneno started really in about 4th grade but the idea is a legacy from the kindergarten idea. Justin and Donny came up with the idea Tinyan (Used to be tiny man) back then. He was just a circle with legs. Though the story was that he had to defeat the ghost kingdom and the Boss. The Boss was the boss of all ghosts, later he was renamed Ghostoss. His character still remains in Tinyans stories today. Enough about him you can find him in the wikis. Donny, Justin, and Kenny all loved video games, mainly the company Nintendo in the beginning. They all wanted to make their own company and make their own characters. They had not met until 3rd grade. Speed was made around pre-school. But in 2nd grade there was the original 3. Kenny, Justin, and Jeremy. We had so many fun times together. Justin's character was Tinyan, Kenny's was Speed, and Jeremy's was Skorpo. Skorpo's story was based on him being a desert scorpion that had feeling and could understand. He was like a human scorpion. He was also a scientist in his community of human like scorpions. He lives in a desert temple. He had a girlfriend, but her name nobody can remember. Skorpette they think it was. He had to defeat the evil clone of himself he made in a laboratory. Plainly named, dark Skorpo. Thats all they can remember. But in 3rd grade, It was Justin and Kenny in the beginning. They shortly recruited Donny because he helped make the story of Tinyan in kindergarten. Jeremy had moved away in the summer before 3rd grade. So now the three characters. Donny had to make a new character. So his new character was named, Green Bean. Green Beans origin is from speeds story but he has his own story and planet. Then not much happened until fourth grade. They got obsessed with having a fourth just like in the Amazing World of Gumball episode called The Third. Zach (A person Donny claimed to meet earlier.) He made Inforno. Inforno was a Dinosaur with fire powers on a magma filled planet. He had a villain named Triper who was a spider guy. Now Magneno had 4 right, they are done? Nope. They decided to have five people. They decided to make this group an official company and they named it SkySena. They had an Idea of Magneno Universe. A quest where all the Heros of Magneno come together to fight one Antagonist. Near the end of fourth grade Adventures in the Hills was created. A youtube series that was a story of Magneno as a show. You can find it on the Magneno Inc. Channel on youtube. In fifth grade not much happened. We changed the name of SkySena to Magneno and we created more Magneno Universe game ideas and movie ideas. All of the stories we come up with we dream will be Movies, Television shows, and Video games. Some more one then the other two. Then we came up with Magneno Smackdown, a game with all Magneno characters and a miniature story but the main thing was the brawl mode where wou could fight with friends or computers with the character of your choice. In sixth grade they introduced Alex to the company. He made Golom The alien-Robot character. Alex is now a main character in Adventures in the Hills. So basically that is the summed up story without mentioning any fights.