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Introducing New Magneno TMS!

Magneno TMS is a whole part of the company dedicated to Television Managed Stories. It only consists of 'Adventures In The Hills', 'Mystery Of The Mountain', and 'Jay's Days'. This page is still WIP (Work In Progress)

    Adventures in the hills is a youtube series that I Justin, Created on June 9th, 2011. Adventures in the hills currently has 5 main characters; Justin, Donny, Kenny, Zach, and Alex. David (Mr. Falling man, Ect,) is the most appearing minor character. All of these characters being real people. The Youtube account is Magneno Inc. Channel (Justindude888). There are Currently 5 posted Sagas and there are going to be 7, Plus the Spin Off with 3 sagas. The major bad guys include: Jack, Dr. Death, and Redaro.

- From Adventures In The Hills Website