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Job Survey

Which job would you maybe take in the company? A) Debug B) Executive Producer C) Merchandise diecrector

Are you good at computer coding? _

Are you good at animating and illustrating? _

Are you characteristic? _

Which job would you take before this? (SEQ)

Are you good at illustration or technical activities? _

Are there family members or friends that have or want this job? _

Do you have a character? If so what’s its story? (SEQ)

Do you have a dream job? (SEQ)

Have you ever broken the law? _

If you were to join Magneno Inc. what would your character be if you didn’t have one? (SEQ)

Magneno Inc. Full Copyright

Terms of Policy

No.1 If you are in Magneno Inc. no stealing copyrighted stuff and changing it to you specifications.

No.2 No making or breaking laws of Magneno Inc.

No.3 If you are of main directors you can do you’re your directive staff choice is allowing you but not without telling the CEO or not knowing

No.4 There is no stealing from other people’s ideas even from inside the company. Knowing this the CEO will fire you.

No.5 Character changes to your own character is fine, just don’t keep it too secretive.

No.6 You cannot enter the company and just wait and steal all the ideas in the future. Do this and well have your character removed at first notice. Also we'll make a new company name. So no entering the "Former" company without agreeing to this policy. You have to agree to our "Terms of policy" we will reveal to you if you try to join.

No. 7 Follow the terms of policy and normal rules

No.8 Alway embrace magneno being a real company. If your in the former company you must be in the real one. Never say that magneno will not make it if your in the company.

No.9 Magneno is a TOP SECRET project untill when its real so if your in absolutly NO telling anybody.

Magneno Inc. Full Copyright