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Welcome to the Magneno Inc. Home Page

Magneno Inc. Hopes to become the next big company like  Sony, Microsoft, and more. We have characters and hope to make video games in the future. So far the main characters are Speed, Tinyan, Greenbean, Inforno, and more. There have to be over hundreds characters in all. the main Magneno games are Magneno Universe 1-3 and the Magneno Universe ZERO and Infinite, 5 In total. These games include all the characters or a lot of the characters. Look at the photo gallery to see more.

Latest 5 Updates

FULL RELEASE 1.0 - Added The Magneno Show

BETA 1.8- Changed Logo to new and probably final one. 

BETA 1.7.1- Changed Summary a bit.

BETA 1.7- Changed Consoles to Copyrights, More to be added soon.

BETA 1.6.6- Fixed rare glitch on mobile website

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